The Femstar provides vaginal and clitoral stimulation in unique way that can be tailored to individual wishes and desires.

Highest Grade SiliconeThe exchangeable silicon pieces are available in different sizes and allow for a one-of-a-kind stimulation of both the vagina and the clitoris.


The Femstar allows the intensity of clitoral stimulation to be varied manually and offers an experience which is far superior to traditional vibrators in both method and intensity. The Femstar stimulates the erogenous zones inside the vagina. The technique employed by the Femstar is designed to respond to the female anatomy: in order to experience intense vaginal orgasms, the erogenous zones within the vagina need to be stimulated through the application of pressure. The Femstar accomplishes this through a rotational movement, the intensity of which can be adjusted by the user. Other devices only stimulate the vagina by means of a monotonous in-and-out movement which creates just friction rather than both pressure and friction.

Remote Device for the FemstarVaginal and clitoral stimulation can be controlled either simultaneously or independently.


Women who have already experienced vaginal orgasms know that upright positions are typically best in this regard. For this reason, when using the Femstar, a seated position is preferable. The device can be operated by a remote control which allows the woman (or her partner) to regulate the intensity of both the vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

Pyramide of OrgasmThe female body offers various types orgasms which vary in both their frequency and intensity.


Thanks to these individually adjustable settings, all manner of sexual gratification can be achieved. Women who are already multiorgasmic will experience improved sexual climax as a result of the combined vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

Even women who have not yet experienced multiple orgasms will now be able to – sexual gratification can be learned.

Most women achieve their first orgasms through clitoral stimulation. This method leaves the interior of the vagina largely unexplored and as a result, this area remains unknown to many women. However, through practice, one can learn to activate the numerous pressure points and connect them to the brain, thereby enhancing the sensitivity of the vagina. It is for this reason that simple sexual intercourse, where stimulation is based solely on friction, can often be an unsatisfactory experience for many women. This is where the Femstar comes in. It intensely massages the interior of the vagina through strong rotational stimulation – this helps to ‘connect’ the pressure points within the vagina to the brain, thereby allowing vaginal orgasms to occur more easily. By continuously repeating this form of stimulation, the neural connections grow stronger and multiple vaginal orgasms become possible.

Using the Femstar togehterThe Femstar is not designed to compete with men. Quite the opposite, in fact: by integrating the Femstar into their sex life, couples can improve it significantly.


This also helps to improve a couples’ sexual relationship. Numerous reports confirm that when couples introduced the Femstar into their sex lives, it led to marked improvement in the quality of sex and enabled new dimensions of companionship and intimacy.