The Femstar is built from materials which were selected with the aspects of hygiene, safety and quality foremost in mind.

Silicone of highest quality used for medical purposesThe silicon top pieces conform to medical standards and are therefore guaranteed to be sanitary.


All parts of the Femstar which are in direct contact with the body are made of high-quality silicon. This material was originally developed for medical purposes and carries a certificate of approval from the FDA, the US health authority. Most other devices typically employ low-cost thermoplastics which can pose a health risk. In fact, such materials are so controversial that the EU is currently debating whether they should be more strongly regulated.

Easy cleanable coatingThe coating allows for easy cleaning and feels warm and soft to the touch.


The coating which covers the chassis was developed specifically for the Femstar – it feels warm and soft to the touch. The smooth surface is also easy to clean. The Femstar comes with a removable silicon mat which allows users to easily adjust their sitting position. The mat can be washed in the washing machine along with the exchangeable silicon top pieces.

The Femstar also has a mains adapter which reduces the voltage to a safe level before electricity actually enters the device. Other manufacturers integrate the power connection directly into their devices. This can be quite dangerous considering the intense body contact and also doesn’t conform to EU safety standards.

All mechanical parts arre Made in SwitzerlandAll mechanical components are produced by Swiss manufacturers known for their precision work.


The Femstar’s mounting system employs vibration absorption which considerably reduces noise emissions. To make the Femstar as quiet as possible, the interior is also lined with a sound-dampening material. All mechanical components are made in Switzerland and manufactured to the same degree of precision common to the medical industry.